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Primary Election Recommended Candidates.

The following are the recommended candidates in the Republican Primary, to be held on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.


President of the United States - Donald Trump

US Congress

Senator - Dave McCormick

Representative - Brian Fitzpatrick

State Offices

PA Attorney General - Dave Sunday

PA Auditor General - Tim DeFoor

PA Treasurer - Stacy Garrity

PA General Assembly

144th District (mostly Warminster and Warrington) - Dan McPhillips

Other Bucks County races for Representative

18th District - Rep K.C. Tomlinson

29th District - Steve Mekanik

140th District - Candance Cabanas

142nd District - Rep Joe Hogan

143rd District - Rep Shelby Labs

145th District - Rep Craig Staats

178th District - Rep Kristin Marcell

Delegates to the Republican National Convention

David A Christian

Ellen Cox

Jim Worthington

Alternate to the Republican National Convention

Sharon Diasio

Kathie Doyle

Vanessa Maurer

Local Committee People

At the polls, your Republican representative will be able to tell you who the recommended candidate is for your voting district. If you are voting by mail and have questions, please reach out to us at


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