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Bucks County COVID Guidance. Exactly who is setting Health Department Policy?

Bucks County Commissioners Bob Harvie and Diane Ellis-Marseglia (Source:

Over the past 3 school years, school boards and parents have clashed over "what's best for our children." More often than not, these boards would rely on guidance from the county, state or federal government to set policy for their own school district. When the guidance differed between these three levels of government, school boards would often rely on the guidance of the government agency that most agreed with their agenda, and then set policies for their district. This went on in many districts until parents and voters decided they had had enough and ousted many of the more radical school board members in favor of board members who acted in the best interest of the children in that district, as opposed to a political agenda.

During 2021, the Bucks County Health Department, headed by Dr David Damsker, released a guidance that was not as strict as the guidance set by the state Health Department. Dr Damsker based his recommendations on medical science, as opposed to the political science that was being used by many school districts across the country. The Wolf administration pressured many counties to fall in line with the guidance set by the state. Some did while others did not. Suddenly, the guidance coming from Bucks County mirrored what the state had recommended. You'd have to wonder why Dr Damsker would suddenly reverse course. Well, it turns out he may not have, but instead, a political operative of the Bucks County Democrat Party was now setting Health Department policy for the county.

Eric Nagy is a political operative who has run many campaigns in and around

Bucks County, including the campaigns of current County Commissioners Diane Marseglia and Bob Harvie. After they were elected and the Democrat party now in control of the county, Mr. Nagy was hired as "Special Projects Coordinator," which seems to mean he would handle all county communications. We refer to this position as "Minister of Propaganda." This is an $83,000/year taxpayer funded position with the county. It seems as though part of Mr. Nagy's responsibilities include setting Health Department policy for Bucks County. There is a paper trail that could prove or disprove this. When two parents filed a "right to know" request to do just that, Marseglia and Harvie not only refused to release the requested information, but they sued the parents who made the request. Does this sound like a Third-world Banana Republic? No, it's just Bucks County under Democrat control.

This link will detail how a Democrat Party operative worked his way into county government and became the de-facto Director of the County Health Department.

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Aug 25, 2022

This is just part of the story. The rest of the details are even worse, and covered here:

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