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Local Leaders share Fellowship with Grace Ukrainian Baptist Church

L-R, Warminster Police Lt Deluca & Chief Donnelly, Bucks County DA Matt Weintraub, Pastor Sergio Sauchuk, Warminster Republican Club President, Bob Welsh and Republican Committeeman, Vitaliy Welenchuck

On Sunday, October 25th, Sergio Sauchuck, pastor of the Grace Ukrainian Baptist Church of Warminster reached out to some local community leaders to share fellowship with the church’s youth service group. Taking part in this event were Bucks County District Attorney, representatives from the Warminster police department as well as members of the Warminster Republican Club. There was an exchange of ideas and experiences, with Matt Weintraub sharing a moving experience from his days as a young man as an example of how people’s lives can change in an instance. This was an opportunity for the church’s youth group to meet some people in the law enforcement world to show that we’re all part of one community.


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