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One of our own heading to Ukraine

At our regular monthly meeting last night, it was announced that Warminster District 4 Committeeman, Vitaliy Velenchuk, who immigrated to the US more than 20 years ago, would be heading back to Ukraine on a humanitarian mission.

Vitaliy, a small business owner, has embraced the "American Dream" in Warminster. In addition to his business, Vitaliy is very active in the Grace Ukrainian Baptist Church on County Line Road. But, when Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine, Vitaliy decided that he had to do something to help. He found that only 20% of the Ukrainian defenders were equipped with Kevlar vests, so Vitaliy and a friend decided to raise money to provide as many vests as he could. Using their own money, as well as money raised from others in the community, they were able to purchase 70 vests. The two of them will travel to Ukraine in a few days to personal deliver the vests, as well as other supplies, to the people of his hometown, which is west of Kyiv. Just as recently as yesterday, his hometown fell under missile attack and several people were killed.

At our meeting, Vitaliy was presented with a Kevlar helmet by Vice-Chair, Bob Welsh. Our hope is that Vitaliy doesn't need it, but will protect him while he is in country, if needed.

Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01), who is Co-Chair of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus, and who lived in Ukraine for extended periods of time while and FBI Special Agent, was on hand to send Vitaliy off, presenting him with an American flag

Several members of the Warminster Republican Committee and Club, as well as a few local elected officials were gave Vitaliy a send off on his humanitarian mission next week. Please keep Vitaliy, his family, as well as his fellow Ukrainians in your prayers.


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